Durham Art Gallery: Comtemporary Canadian Art


This year's festival reached out to the community to promotes inclusion through workshops, mentorships, artists' talks and educational programming for schools.

The All Access Workshop was be a two-day exploration of artmaking practices in a variety of media, led by Geoffrey Shea. Intended for young people with disabilities, it presented adapted and modified techniques for exploring creativity through drawing, performance, photography, video and computers, based on the participants' interests and abilities. The goal was to create artworks which are personally meaningful and appealing to viewers. Shea is a Durham-based artist who works with interactive video and sculpture and has taught Inclusive Artmaking at OCAD University.

In the Emoti-Chair Workshop David Bobier introduced participants to a unique form of compositional creation. The Emoti-Chair, developed by Bobier in collaboration with Ryerson's Centre for Learning Technologies led by Deb Fels, allows users to feel sounds through vibrations in the back and seat of the chair. Originally intended to translate music for deaf users, the chair offers an alternative form of creative expression that is parallel to, but different from, sound. Participants were shown how to compose artworks for the chair using specially adapted computer software. David presented an Emoti-Chair Demonstration at the Gallery during the exibition opening in Sept.

The resident artists will gave informal Artist Talks in September. The events included a visual presentation of their past and current work. This was a great opportunity to meet the artists and to gain insights into their process and practice.

Jeff Preston and Clara Madrenas will hosted a Comic Workshop for young people. Jeff and Clara are the creators of Cripz, an online comic that looks at life through the eyes of a wheelchair user.

Jeff and Clara will also be publishing their own comic, Cripz, in The Post, Durham's weekly newspaper, during the month of September.

The resident artists collaborated in presenting a two-day Creative Workshop for anyone interested in exploring their creative potential and new artistic media.


Outreach Schedule

All Access Workshop

Tuesday, Aug. 27 - Wednesday, Aug. 28, 10-4
Durham Art Gallery

Emoti-Chair Demonstration

Saturday, Sept. 7, 3:00
Durham Art Gallery

Emoti-Chair Workshop

Saturday, Sept 14 - Sunday, Sept. 15, 10-4
Durham Art Gallery

Artist Talks

Thursday, Sept. 12 & 19, 6:30
Rowan Moon Bistro / Durham Art Gallery

Comic Workshop

Saturday, Sept. 14 - Sunday, Sept. 15, 10-4
Durham Art Gallery

Creative Workshop

Saturday, Sept 21, 10-4
Durham Art Gallery